Improve the research writing of each part/ make a visualization!

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Improve the research writing of each part/ make a visualization! (INCLUDING THE THESIS STATEMENT)

*Follow the requirement to improve each part!:

*Control the words of other parts: Total 1500 words

Introduction(200)/ method(200)/ result(150)/ conclusion(200):


1. remember that your mar needs to be clear to a non-specialist reader who has never seem your work before — they need to be well prepared

2. your thesis and map are essential in achieving this

3. your thesis needs to contain the articles and their relationship

4. the development of knowledge on the topic over time or shift of emphasis

5. the relation between the articles and the research question — do not just describe the 3 articles

6. your stance in relation to the investigation/ research

7. use more academic words and sentences


Result (visualization part)(150 words):

The visualization should clearly show the relationship between the three texts. use colour, size, shape and space to convey meaning. there could be a problem with originality if you have copied the example visualizations from the workbook. the caption should be informative and specific to your MRR (not generic)

make sure that there is a close link between the visualisation+caption, your research question, and your thesis statement.

in the results section, make sure your stance is clear when you refer to and explain the visualisation in the text.

Discussion (750-800words):

Make sure your discussion follows a point by point structure and that your stance in evident throughout

*Make sure that the points made in this section are closely linked to your research question, thesis statement, and visualization.

*Does the order of the points made follow the mapyou gave at the beginning of the section (or in the introduction)? Make sure that your paragraph topic sentencesrelate back to your thesis statement.

*You need to show clear evidence of your ability to critically analysisand compare/ contrast key points , using evaluative language, so that the reader can hear your voice.Add descriptiononly where necessary.

*Make sure your synthesisthe key points from the three in order to support your stance

*Avoid borrowing too much from your source texts!!!!!!

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