Implications of Ethical Decision Making (2 Pages, plus reference page), English homework help

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Assignment Details:


a little research on plagiarism, copyright, or fair use as it relates
to the internet. How does the information you uncover bear upon your own
work and the challenge of reporting your own or another’s unethical
behavior? What happens to one’s “personal brand” when one chooses to
take an unethical approach to written work or a presentation if one is
caught or not?

  • Clearly declare a stance/thesis in introductory paragraph
  • Two full pages are required
  • Cover page and reference page required
  • APA formatting is required
  • Two pieces of support from the week’s material are required

Supporting your work:

at least two pieces of information from this week’s assigned material
to support your work. Cite the additional research on your choice of
plagiarism, copy right, or fair use.
have an option to supplement your work with additional material if
needed, which must be from scholarly sources (i.e., peer-reviewed
journal articles, books, etc.). Wikipedia is not a credible source.


Colleges and universities have guidelines for promoting academic
integrity among their students. Violations of these guidelines often
mean serious consequences. Review the Hondros Student Catalog section on Student Rights and Responsibilities pp. 16-20.

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