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It would be interesting to ask your senior management a) does our company embrace IMC and b), if so, how do we know that the company ACTUALLY embraces an IMC approach?

As you look at Kotler and Armstrong’s perspectives, they suggest there are several ways to set a promotional budget for a company.  I’d be willing to bet that your company utilizes one of the several budgeting approaches that Kotler/Armstrong share. Yet, which of these budgeting approaches SHOULD the company use (i.e., which one should be most appropriate)? 

What approach to promotion budgeting does your company actually use?  Why?  Does your company use that one approach that Kotler/Armstrong most recommend?  See if you can learn why they don’t (assuming that is the case)… and please come back and share your findings. Let us know with whom you spoke (by title).  Please, no opinions here — ASK!  Please remember that one of my objectives, as shared with you during the Week ONE class con-call, is that you become more attuned to marketing at your place of employment.  Thus, find out from someone at your company who knows… and share your findings! Thanks!

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