identifies a business-government-society issue essay

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Compose an essay of no less than 900 words that identifies a business-government-society issue from current events. Your description of the issue must be supported by at least one reference to an article published by a news organization (e.g., New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Mercury News).

The essay should be divided into two sections (with as many paragraphs as you wish in each section).

In the first section of the essay, conduct a stakeholder analysis of the issue. Identify the focal organization involved and describe the public issue. Next, identify the relevant stakeholders and briefly discuss their interests and power.

In the second section of the essay, pretend you are a consultant advising managers of the focal organization. Present a strategy to address the public issue. Explain how this strategy relates to your findings from the stakeholder analysis presented in the previous section.

Requirements Must Fulfill:

  • Topic selection: select a topic that (1) illustrates the interconnectedness of business, government, and society and (2) presents a challenge or dilemma for management.
  • Stakeholder analysis: (1) demonstrate your understanding of the key terms and (2) use this analysis to improve your understanding of the issue facing management in your focal organization.
  • Proposed solution: make sure that the strategy you propose (1) is a course of action to be carried out by managers of the focal organization and (2) reflects your findings from the stakeholder analysis.
  • Spelling and grammar (i.e., writing is free of distracting spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors)
  • Organization and reasoning (i.e., writing should be coherent and logically organized)
  • Style (i.e., a variety of sentence structures are used, tone is effective and appropriate)
  • Critical thinking (i.e., show evidence of careful, objective evaluation of an issue)

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