I want you to develop a PowerPoint presentation for Emergency Management

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Your final product is a creative project. You have just been hired as a new emergency management coordinator and have been requested to provide a presentation to the Council.

  1. Identify a community. It can be your own town or one that you have an interest. I would prefer that this not be a military base our facility.
  2. Based on the readings for this class and your research, prepare a PowerPoint that addresses the following questions in a presentation. Much of the information may be available on either the community’s website, the communities’ emergency operations plan that may be published, or the U.S. Census data for that jurisdiction or area.
  3. As with many presentations, not everything can be in the slides. Prepare your presentation as a script to read as I review your slides.
  4. The City Administrator would like you to address the following as it relates to your new job and the community that you now serve.
  • What is the role of the emergency manager?
  • Identify the local jurisdiction and provide the demographics for your community. Demographic data should include those materials identified in our reading and your research. Be sure to provide language and individuals with needs as you discuss the makeup of your community and its residents.
  • Based on your review of the community, Identify community partners. Which agencies/departments should be part of the local emergency planning council? Please explain why?
  • Provide an overview of the natural and technological hazards faced by the community. Prioritize the threats based on vulnerabilities.
  • Who do you need to involve in forming your local recovery/mitigation committee?
  • Identify and describe briefly the different disaster response organizations produced as a result of contingencies
  • Explain, in brief, the incident command system. How does the Council fit into the ICS structure?
  • Given that the City complies with ICS, why does the City need a Emergency Operations Center. What should it have and why is it important?
  • What can you, as an emergency manager, do to assure that small businesses in the city are resilient and minimize their vulnerability to a disaster?

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