​i need nice short response to my classmate pot. keep i t positive.

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i need nice short response to my classmate pot. keep i t positive.

There are many concepts of psychoanalytic therapy that I found appealing and that I could picture myself using in counseling practice. One of them is Free Association. I really liked the whole concept of free association because it can help the therapist as well as the client see patterns in thought. In the text it says “The sequence of associations guides the therapist in understanding the connections clients make among events. Blockings or disruptions in associations serve as cues to anxiety-arousing material (P.73).” I believe with free association it will help me as a therapist see what my client is more naturally willing to talk about and it can point to clues as to what underlying problems the client is dealing with. I can tell this based off of what the client does not share and what the client chooses to focus on. Along with this, just letting the client talk freely can be therapeutic in and of itself, like how the text says, “This technique often leads to some recollection of past experiences and at times, a catharsis or release of intense feelings that have been blocked (p.97).”

The second concept of psychoanalytic therapy I think I can apply to my own counseling practice is Dream Analysis. I have always believed that dreams can reflect a person’s current life situations and also fears and wishes. The text supports my beliefs so I’m naturally drawn to this concept. “Dreams may serve as a pathway to repressed material, but dreams also provide an understanding of clients current functioning (p.74). ” I believe dream analysis will be useful to me because it can help clients understand themselves a little better and figure out if there are any repressed emotions or fears about current life situations that are manifesting in their dreams. I believe in this because for me personally, I have found often times my dreams connect to my real-life situations and talking them out with another person can help me see patterns and connections I might not have thought about on my own right away.


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