I need help with two art assignments.

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After studying the Impressionists this past marking period, consider the artist Claude Monet. You should be familiar with his style and brushwork and speed of creating a painting within an hour, but what about his early work.

Please visit this site:

Click on at least 15 of Monet’s caricatures and pick TWO – FOUR works to write a paragraph about. This should fill one entire page that you can then upload and attach as your assignment and then click ‘submit’ or ‘turn in’ on that google classroom assignment for a grade.

Consider answering these questions when you respond:

What is the exact URL address the image was found?

What is the title of the image (or who does it depict)

What elements of art do you see in the work? (color, line, shape, form, space, value, texture)?

Describe the use of line?

Describe the use of value (smooth shading with smudging or rough, course cross-hatched line-work)?

Please perform a web search using the following words: Claude, Monet, Caricatures

Please explain in your own words what a “Caricature” is:

About how old was Claude Monet when he completed these doodle type drawings?

How much did he sell them for and to whom?

Who were the people he depicted and where did most of these people live?

And finally please answer this “attendance question” brought to us by K.M. – And finally please add an “attendance question” How would you describe the most perfect day to you?


After reviewing Claude Monet’s caricature art. You’ve seen how Monet may have started on his journey through the humble art of creating single panel ‘cartoon like’ sketches of people and acquaintances from his hometown in LeHarve, France. Exaggerated facial features and oversized heads that are disproportionate to their body were methods not invented my Monet, by collectively utilized by cartoonists and caricaturists of that time and are still used today, 150 years later.

I want you to find 100 single panel comics created by the author/artist Gary Larson. His single panel comics are ‘comical’ to say the least. This will be fun and is designed to relax everyone in these times! Think of this as the easiest assignment you will ever encounter in all of your days of your high school education! I guarantee that!

After you have found 100 “The Far Side” comics by Gary Larson, pick your 10 most favorite, gut-splitting you laughed so hard you almost cried panels and write only 1 sentence as to why you liked it so much and how did the composition of the artwork lend itself to being funny. Bottom line, write about the elements of art you see and why you laughed so hard you almost cried or how you can relate to the humor.

Because I hope you take laughing and comedy seriously, I expect YOU ALL TO READ 100 Far Side comics.


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