I need help with this muliple part course project in my Human Development Throughout The Lifespan class

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Module 01 – Foundations of Human Development

Course Project Overview

For the course project, students will create their own case study based on their interests within a specific population. They will conduct library research and complete an analysis using a human development theory.

Due Date

Your final course project is due in Module 06. Individual assignments will be given throughout the course. A timeline of due dates is listed below.




Project Introduction
Choose a Population to Study – Past Due


Outline of Developmental Milestones of Chosen Population – due 2/25/18


Case Study of Chosen Population based on Research – due 3/4/18


Analysis of Chosen Population based on Theory – due 3/11/18


Final Project Due – due 3/18/18


Peer Review of Final Project


For each assignment, specific guidelines will be listed in that module.
As you write, keep the following in mind:

  • Use clear, concise, complete sentences, standard spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Smooth transition should connect all sections together in a unified whole.
  • Your paper needs at least three references from research outside your text. Use reliable sources on the Internet (not Wikipedia), your college’s online library, or your own local library.

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