I need help with a discussion. Are you familiar with SodaStream or the concept of home-carbonation beverages?

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Go online and visit the SodaStream website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Explore how the company’s “Why SodaStream” page of the website and its “About Us,” “Vision and Mission,” and “Brand Partnerships” pages. Even its “About The Plant” page helps students to understand the management philosophy of the company. Its “Milestones” page will provide not only a history lesson but insight into the focus of the company going forward.Analyze and assess the following discussion topics in your posting(s):

  1. What is the SodaStream “product leadership” strategy?
  2. How can SodaStream grow so quickly, not just in the number of stores in which the product is available, but number and variety of products?
  3. How does the SodaStream story relate to the competitive strategy concepts presented in the course text?

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