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I think in all this needs to be 8 to 12 pages.

Create a thematic unit (as per Stewart’s R.E.A.L. concept) using El Deafo as your mentor text.

Choose a time frame for your unit, ensuring that you justify your choice according to best practices for teaching a diverse class.

Develop an engaging, relevant essential question that your students will be able to answer once they have completed the unit.

Using the information Stewart provides on pp. 43 – 46 in her text, create an appropriately varied text list (remember El Deafo is the main text). By appropriately varied, I mean that you should consider the fact that you will have a diverse classroom, with some ELL students and others differently abled. Consider also the fact that you will have students of varying reading levels in your class as well. All told (including El Deafo), you should have a total of 15 texts that you will use in assorted ways.

Be sure to justify your choice of texts

Summarize how you envision the unit unfolding:

How will you introduce the unit?

What kinds of activities might you have students doing as they work through the unit (be sure to include before, during, and after reading activities, as well as writing, speaking, and listening activities. Don’t forget to differentiate these.

What will your culminating assignment for the unit be?

Reflect on the unit creation – consider strengths, weaknesses of the unit, and why; also, reflect upon what you’ve learned through creating the unit outline

ime Frame: Don’t forget to justify your choice

Essential Question: Please justify this, too

Text List: Please use either APA or MLA citations for your book list. Also, under each citation, write a sentence or two explaining why you chose the text and/or how you intend to use the text. Remember, El Deafo will be read by all, as it is the main text for the unit.

Unit Summary:

Introduction of unit

Activities: Be sure to include before, during, and after reading activities, as well as writing, speaking, and listening activities. Please explain why you chose the activities and don’t forget to differentiate them.

Culminating Assignment: Remember, this should be linked to your essential question. Please be sure to explain why you’ve selected the assignment you have and how you’ve differentiated it so that all children can be successful.


Note: I think it is reasonable to expect that the Unit Outline should be 8 – 12 pages in length (keeping in mind that you will be double spacing everything (including your book list).

I will send you the pages it says 43-46 in Stewarts text once someone can help me with this.


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