I need a research paper on Interpersonal Communication

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I need a research paper in APA format on Interpersonal Communication. The paper should be as follows:

  1. Title Page (page 1)
  2. Abstract (page 2) – In about 50 words, summarize your report. This information is the kind of content you might put in a summary at the end of a report, but in APA style, the abstract goes at the beginning. In the abstract, you can say the following: The research question to be answered in this report is the following: How can I use interpersonal communication research principles to improve my communication? The three main ideas I am going to discuss are ____________, __________, and _________. In the conclusion, I evaluate my course learning and ways that I plan to improve my interpersonal communication in the future.
  3. Introduction (page 3)
  4. Body (page 3-6)
  5. Conclusion (page 6-7)
  6. Use APA style.
    References (page 8)
  7. The body of the report must be 5-pages, excluding the Title Page, Abstract, and References pages.
  8. You must reference at least 8 of these learning objectives in your paper:
    1. Identify the fundamental elements of the communication process.
    2. Illustrate how self-concept influences communication.
    3. Explain how perception affects communication.
    4. Demonstrate effective listening habits and skills.
    5. Explore why language can create communication problems.
    6. Illustrate why nonverbal cues can create communication problems.
    7. Contrast methods of resolving communication problems caused by verbal and nonverbal communication.
    8. Formulate personal strategies for developing effective intercultural communication.
    9. Describe theories of relationship development.
    10. Select appropriate strategies for maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships.
    11. Evaluate the effectiveness of methods of resolving conflict.
    12. Demonstrate how to develop a supportive communication climate.


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