I need a report to an event I attended

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The instructor asked us to attend an event that related to the class, so I chose an event in an open garage that called MINDDRIVE Headquarters. It’s a school that teach girls and boys some engineering stuff. One of the things they do is to a car from a scrap and they convert it completely to an electrical car, also they build a drone with camera and use the VR glasses as screen, so you feel like you’re riding the drone. Also, they build a car in 16 weeks and they work every Saturday, this car will be #5 in the link http://minddrive.org/about/

In the paper mention that the project took me 12 hours to be done. The event was from 11 am to 2pm on Nov 17, and the rest of the time was in searching for more information and writing the report. That’s their link to know more about them http://minddrive.org/ , and I attached the brochures they gave us in the event.


the information from the instructor

What did you do?

Time invested in project (in hours):

Most challenging aspect

of problem, or of the part you worked on:

Ethical issues associated/identified with your project (identify & briefly describe at least 3). Note: This does not have to be a discussion of ethical problems, or things that need to be fixed. If they’re doing a good job of dealing with the ethical issues, that’s good; tell us what those issues are, how they’re being addressed, and why that’s the right way to do it. You can relate it back to the ethical models we’ve used in class, but don’t feel obligated to play ‘buzzword Bingo.’

Did this project help you see how the material we discussed in class applies in “the real world,” i.e. in practical circumstances? How? (Or how not? We’re considering making some revisions to the course; we’d like feedback on the value of this assignment. You will not be graded down for the content of your opinion.)

FORMAT: You are expected to use complete sentences arranged into paragraphs. Your writing should be clear, consistent, and organized. Expected length is 500-1000 words (2-4 pages double spaced, 12-point ‘regular’ font, e.g. times roman, helvetica, etc; please restrain the urge to use a more ‘artistic’ font). Use headers to identify the sections for each question above.


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