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For this assignment, you will
use your proposed solution for the Catacomb requirements analysis.
Briefly describe the proposed technology solution and list the business
requirements (including security requirements) that are satisfied. This
should be done on one (1) page. Then provide a diagram that illustrates
the placement of various communications components within the context of
developing an effective, efficient, security posture for the proposed
solution for Catacomb’s converged network.

Your deliverable is a single 2-page MS Word document that contains:

  • A 1-page description of the proposed technology and a list of the business requirements (including security requirements);
  • An architectural diagram that illustrates the placement of various communications components; and
  • Contains the following section headings:
    • Description of the Proposed Technology Solution
    • Architectural Diagram

architectural diagram can be developed using other applications (MS
Visio or PowerPoint, CAD, etc.). However, the diagram must be
incorporated into the MS Word document as a bitmap, gif, jpeg, etc. It
must be properly positioned (centered) on the page and must not be
off-centered or bleed over the edges or margins of the page.

deliverable will be scored according to the Scoring Rubric below. Be
sure you have incorporated all required aspects of the assignment.


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