i just need to retyping this cover letter and my major information system sinc

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I am applying for the position of an junior  Business Administration management for your prestigious organization, Ingram Micro, Inc. As advertised in the Simply Hired website, the position is open for candidates who have graduated with an associate’s degree course in Business Administration  management . Likewise, one acknowledges that Ingram Micro, Inc. is deemed as one of the leaders in IT related products and services, specifically focusing on technology distribution and mobile device services. As such, I am earnestly interested to be an active part of your organization.

I am about to graduate with a degree in Business Administration management from Morgan State University in 20xx. I previously pursued a course on the English Language at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County from 2011-2012 and have become proficient in English as my second language. In addition, the theoretical framework provided by Morgan in Business Administration management has significantly enhanced my knowledge on the crucial Business Administration management  theories and concepts required to be practiced in organizational settings. As such, I am well versed in the preparation of basic Business Administration management  entries, debit and credit memos, general ledger Business Administration management , and the preparation of month-end financial summaries, as explicitly required. Likewise, my previous work experiences had provided me with ample opportunities to develop skills in customer service, verbal and written communication, as well as on problem-solving and conflict resolutions; which are all required in the Junior Business Administration management  position. 

I would be available for a scheduled interview with your HR officer at your most convenient time. I could be reached at any of the following contact numbers: telephone number: 443-67; e-mail address: *****@morgan.edu. I am confident that when selected for the position, we would be sharing a mutually beneficial working relationship. I would be looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.



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