I have to write argumentative essay on why the presidental election process is fair

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The research paper should be between 1,000 and 1,250 words The organization is cohesive. Each paragraph has a topic sentence, research, and analysis. No format errors in all of the four areas:

– Works Cited Page

– MLA Formatting (One-inch margins; Double-spaced; Correct headers; 10 or 12 point font; No additional lines skipped between paragraphs; Block quotes are used appropriately and are properly formatted)

– Parenthetical documentation for each of the 5 sources

– All parenthetical documentation in the correct format

No mechanical errors.

****A paper with no parenthetical citations or Works Cited Page will result in an automatic failure****

No errors found within any of the following:

-Introduction and conclusion are present.

-Thesis includes both a topic and an argument.

-Research given supports each topic sentence.

-All research is parenthetically documented.

-Analysis is given in each paragraph.

Word count falls within the 1000-1250 range.

Outline Format

  1. Introduction
    1. Thesis
  2. Body
    1. Main Idea
      1. Sub point
      2. Sub point
        1. Sub point for the sub point
        2. Sub point for the sub point
    2. Main Idea
    3. Main Idea
      1. Sub point
      2. Sub point
      3. Sub point
    4. Main Idea
      1. Sub point
      2. Sub point
      3. Sub point
    5. Main Idea
  3. Conclusion

A couple reminders:

  • Worth 15 points
  • Should be:
    • Typed
    • Double spaced
    • In MLA Format
  • Organize your research in a cohesive way (the example above may not fit what you found in your research; think about organizing the information chronologically, spatially, etc.)
  • Your outline should not be any longer than one page.
  • You don’t need to follow the exact format, i.e. your first idea does NOT have to have two sub points with one of them have two sub points.
  • To add the page number with your name, choose “Insert” then “Page Number” and choose “Top of the Page”. A curser will be blinking in front of the page number; then you will be able to type your last name.

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