i am choosing immigration as my topic

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A final presentation on an ethical topic of
the student’s choice, chosen in consultation with the professor, will be due in
lieu of a final exam. Each student will select an ethical issue/hot button
topic that was not covered in detail in class (i.e., not homosexuality, death
penalty, abortion, or war) and create a unique presentation using powerpoint.
Possible topics include but are not limited to the ethics of gun rights,
climate change, death with dignity, immigration, refugee crises, terrorism,
Black Lives Matter, etc.; one may find other possible topics by consulting the
“ethical challenges facing the 21st century” materials in the
concluding weeks of class.

Specs for the presentation are as follows:

Minimum of 20 substantive

Content should do the following:
introduce the basics of the issue—including relevant
history/background/statistics, evenly and fairly address all
sides/perspectives, thoroughly discuss biblical/religious evidence and
viewpoints, include scientific/sociological/psychological and other relevant
factors, identify and unpack recent news stories or world events dealing with
the issue, and briefly share one’s own ethical assessment of the topic
and why

Utilize at least 4 reputable sources
(see below on acceptable sources) and cite those sources in the body of the
presentation alongside the corresponding information from that source

Use media, images, art, etc. when
helpful to bring the presentation to life

Use the professor’s presentations on the four ethical
issues from class material as a model and guide.

ON ACCEPTABLE SOURCES: Websites will not be accepted as
viable sources unless cleared with the professor first, and even then this will
be in exceptional circumstances. Rather, make use of the Presentation library’s
database of online articles and books; if they don’t have a particular book,
ask them to interlibrary loan it. This may take a few weeks, so plan ahead. You
might also try Google Books or seeing if Amazon has a preview of the book you
can view. See the PC Library/Research
Handout for help navigating PC library offerings and other acceptable source


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