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For Field Assignment 2, you will use a video observation. You can select a video from the following listLinks to an external site. . You need to watch two hours of viewing time, therefore, you may need to watch more than one video.

List the video(s) you watched at the top of your paper.

For your second field assignment, please fully address the following questions about your video observations:

  • Create a diagram of the class area/site from the video
  • What areas are set up in the class area/site (library, games, centers, etc.)
  • Does the class area/site arrangement create an easy flow? Can students’ easily get to all needed areas? Why is this important?
  • Is the teacher stationary in one spot, or does he/she move around the class space?
  • Does the class arrangement promote student participation?
  • Does the class area/site arrangement create a positive atmosphere in the room? Why or why not?

Answer prompts thoroughly.

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