HR management discussion

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Initial post question:

Substance Abuse on the job: Assume that you have an employee working in your company who has been treated for substance abuse through the company counselling program several times. Today, the manager found him “stoned” again, trying to operate a piece of equipment in an unsafe manner. The manager just came to you and said “Fire him! I’ve had enough! He’s not only endangering himself, but other workers.” The company has a clearly stated policy that allows no substance use while at work and zero tolerance for arriving at work impaired. All employees are aware of and have signed off on the policy as part of the company code of conduct. What steps can/should your company take in this circumstance?

The initial post must address the following questions clearly (consider using sub-headers) No words limits but need to give to me within the first 15 hours.

Current situation

  • Tell the reader about the situation accurately and with enough information that they can understand it clearly
  • Demonstrate your subject matter expertise

Link to HR

  • Highlight aspects of this is related to the required readings
  • Demonstrate the link to HR ideas, literature, theory, practice, etc.

Deeper Dive

  • Explore the topic in a more complex way, focused on some of the contradictions, implication, implicit biases, impact, inconsistencies, timeliness etc. of the issue you have presented
  • Demonstrate your ability to think about the topic in an advanced way.

Conversation starter

  • Provide some questions to your reader to start the conversation about the topic
  • Demonstrate your ability to lead the conversation

At the same time, there will be two other questions and the answer to these two questions. You need an extension or suggestion to the two answers. But it has not been given yet, I will send it to you via chat later. 150 words for each.

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