House on mango street

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basic english words

Choose three key words that capture what it is like to be a woman living on Mango Street. Use examples from the book to support your claims.

Purpose: To analyze a piece of literature.

To practice supporting points with quotes from the text.

To practice using in-text page # citations.

Length: 800 words.

Genre: This is an analysis of the book, The House on Mango Street. You are reading with the grain. The 3 words you choose should be central to Cisneros’ purpose in writing, to what she wants to say.

Source text: Cisneros: The House on Mango Street.

Structure: Your essay should have three parts. In the Introduction, give a main point that brings together the 3 words you have chosen. Name the words you’ll discuss, and relate them to your main point. In the body, discuss each word, using supporting examples from the text. You should use more than one paragraph per example. The most important part is to write explanations that connect the words with each other and with the main point. In the conclusion, restate your main point in different words.

Referencing: Use quotation marks around all quotes taken from Cisneros. After the quote, note the page number inside parentheses, like this: (p. 4).

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