the cask of amontillado answer two questions on this story

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(you can pick whatever two you want to answer from the list below)

I attached the story, I just need ONE page document.

Read “The Cask of Amontillado” and post responses to TWO

questions below:

1.. Poe is a masterful creator of mood and suspense. Discuss HOW his

language creates mood; what images/ pictures does he create? What

words can you point to or phrases can you select?

2.. The short story is a genre (type of) well suited to the exploration of

character and human nature. Examine Poe’s exploration of the narrator;

can you summarize or describe his disorder? Can we break out the

DSMV (the American Psychological Assoc. uses this manual to

categorize mental health issues. You can find it in a library or ask a

friend in the field or a PSY class ).

3.. How would the story be different if told from an omniscient point of


4.. Discuss the obvious IRONY in this story: what is the role of “luck” or


5.. Are victims in Poe stories really deserving of empathy? Do we know

them well?

6.. Compare this story to a poem or two by Poe (search online; you might

try “Bartleby” verses). How are they similar? How does Poe use the two

genres for different effects?

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