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Professors instruction..

Here are the details for your independent project: Choose a social issue that interests you.

Topic chosen: Homelessness.

You will be required to turn in a 3-4 page paper on your social problem topics. You will be using two types of research methods; the first being an Interview method and the second being research.

You should interview at least 1 person with in depth knowledge on this social problem, either from a professional perspective or from personal experience. The interviewee will count as a reference and therefore CANNOT be ANONYMOUS. Summarize your interview, but do not include every dictation taken during the interview as part of your paper. Any quotes by your interviewee that you would like to include in your paper, should still be in quotations and cited.

For your paper, you must cite at least 2 references from credible sources and your paper must be typed out in APA format. Your paper will focus on the similarities and differences between your research and your interview. You will need to discuss basic facts regarding your social problem and what conclusions you drew from your work.

For example if I choose aging in America, I might interview my grandmother to get her ideas on this topic. What comes to her mind when I ask her about aging? What are the benefits ?(Yes, there are benefits). What are the disadvantages? What sub-topics does she include in her response? healthcare? finances? loss of friends?

Then go to the library website and using the resources there, find two relevant articles on your topic. You may use the keywords ‘aging in the U.S.’ or one of the subtopics your grandmother mentioned,e.g. healthcare for the elderly, retirement finances, bereavement in the elderly, benefits of aging.

Compare what the article says against your grandmother’s viewpoint. End with what you conclude about the topic based on the interview and research and how you came to that view or opinion..

My additions: you can make up the interview part, just pretend like you’re interviewing someone. I would like you to say I interviewed my mentor.


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