Holocaust Artifacts

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To complete this assignment, you must first look through the pdf posted in this week on Moodle entitled “Holocaust Artifacts.” [Note: These images are NOT graphic photos of injured people or corpses]

Look at the pictures and read the descriptions of the artifacts–you will need to rotate the pages sometimes. This pdf is provided as an educational resource by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (http://www.ushmm.org/)

Write at least 150 words in response to these artifacts. Describe what you see and how you respond to what you see. You may also choose to include any aspect of your education about the Holocaust. For example, maybe you have met a survivor or visited one of the death camps.

BE SURE to specifically describe and refer to at least ONE particular item in this pdf. If your response is ot specific, you will not receive credit. As always, ask if you have questions.


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