Hist 411 #6

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Hello there

I need help answering question number 2 only.

  1. (Bri) As a group of travelers, discuss the establishment of the silk roads and explain how increased trade along these routes influenced the participating societies.
  2. (Diana) Assume that you are a group of Chinese merchants in the city of Chang’an and are determined to take your best products directly to the profitable Roman market. a.) In detail, explain your exact route of travel. b.) What are your best products? c.) What products might you decide to buy and take back home? d.) In all likelihood, do you think that all the members of your group would be able to return home safely?(Hint: what scenarios may take place to prevent the return of all party members?)
  3. (Paulina) Compare and contrast the decline and collapse of the Han and Roman empires. Think about common problems that occur during the collapse of most great empires.

(Zuri) Conduct an interview with Julia Clancy-Smith to discuss her article “The Middle East in World History”.


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