HighSchool Senior Graduation Speech, writing homework help

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It’s just an assignment for my English Class, not going to actually say this infront of everyone. 

Basic Requirements–

Length of speech: 2 minutes

Speaking grade (will vary for different classes)

Here are the requirments: 

You must write a speech — 1 copy handed to the teacher prior to your speech; 1 copy put on note cards for you to use when you deliver your speech

Overall, your speech should be about your personal insight about high school, knowledge, and the meaning of things in life. You are to reflect and share your own personal high school experiences. Your speech should teach, entertain, motivate, and persuade the graduates. The core of your graduation speech topics have to contain your personal ideas, thoughts and growth. You might want to Google high school graduation speeches, so you can watch or read a few before you get started brainstorming.

  • Try to talk to everyone in the class: the jocks, the geeks, tech crew, etc. This speech is for everybody.

  • Be appropriate. Use common sense. Be careful with your humor. This is not the forum to discuss the drunken antics of your classmates or other indiscretions. Don’t swear.

  • Organize effectively–you should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.

  • Be unique. Be creative.

  • Use inside jokes sparingly.



  1. Include a meaningful quote and explain its significance to you, to life, to future. Just don’t let quotes weigh down your speech, though.

  2. Tell stories about the students in the graduating class, the teachers, and other important people in the school. The stories can be funny, touching, or just descriptive.

  3. Talk about major events. What are some important things that have happened in the world, your community, or at your school within the last four years?

  4. Talk about meaningful activities your class did together–prom, spirit week, Mr. SHS, a charity event, school play, traditional event, etc.

  5. Use popular culture references. This is a popular culture era, so including pop culture references is another thing you can do to make your speech more personal. Work in references to popular TV shows, movies, songs, Facebook, etc.

  6. Don’t talk about yourself. Well, you can talk about yourself a little bit but only a little. This speech is for everyone, and it isn’t very classy to steal the focus.

  7. Don’t speak badly of anyone. Be positive. This is not the time to put down that mean Mrs. Spear, nor is it time to get even with the kid who bullied you through middle school. Be nice. You can gently poke fun of quirky things, like that weird green stuff they serve every Thursday at the cafeteria, for instance. But do this sparingly, and be careful not to offend anyone.

  8. Avoid cliches. The phrases “spread your wings and fly,” and “new chapter in our lives,” and “be true to yourself” should not appear in your speech, and neither should other cliches.

  9. Give advice sparingly. Graduation speeches do not have to contain advice.

  10. Look at the glass as half full–be positive. Praise the hunger for knowledge, share how a teacher inspired you or what he/she really taught you, share about something bad turned to good, what your learned about yourself in IEE or in a sport, etc. What are life lessons you’ve learned in high school that you will apply throughout life?

  11. Look at graduation in a broader context. Remember, the graduates are part of a team, a society. Tell them what they can do for their community, their world.


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