“Heroes or Zeroes” Literary Essay with Turnitin

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“Heroes or Zeroes” Literary Essay with Turnitin

The first component of the Final Project is the literary essay. The purpose of the literary essay is two-fold: 1) to provide you with an opportunity to use the composition skills acquired in ENG 1101 and reading and analysis skills acquired in ENG 1102, and 2) to demonstrate an ability to write about literature using textual evidence to support assertions. NO outside sources other than the textbook are allowed for this assignment.

In a literary essay, you are exploring the meaning and construction of a piece of literature. A literary essay focuses on such elements as character, theme, style, tone, and setting. You are taking a piece of writing and trying to discover how and why it is put together the way it is. You must adopt a viewpoint on the work(s) in question and show how the details of the work support your viewpoint. A literary essay will be a mixture of your own interpretation based on your reading and references to the work.

Task in Detail:

To help you prepare this component of the final project, you will be writing in phases. You will be given a topic this week (week 4) for which you will need to write approximately 1500-1800 (aim to get as close as possible for the 1st draft). You will submit the draft to the Turn It In link. In week 6, you will take the feedback that has been provided and modify your writing. This is when you will want to make sure that you have met the required word count. Keep in mind, you may decide to incorporate ideas from the additional readings that you will have covered by this time. The final essay will be uploaded to Turnitin and posted here on your wiki page. MAKE SURE YOU SEE THE ASSIGNMENT BELOW.

Heroes and Zeroes Literary essay assignment

Type your response to the following topic in approximately 1500-1800 words according to MLA guidelines: “The literary works that we have read have a main character that may or may not be considered a hero. Select two of the main characters from TWO of the stories that we have read and create an argument that provides your opinion as to whether the characters you chose are heroes or not and why. (You will have a total of TWO characters, but each must be from a different story.) If you find one that is a hero and one that is not, compare and contrast the two. Additionally, we often hear about the consequences of our choices and actions. Analyze these two characters and discuss several of the choices that he or she made and the consequences of those choices. Consider opportunities where making different choices might have led to other consequences (bad or good) for these individuals and how this made them a hero or not. Make sure you create a strong argument and use solid supporting points to convince the reader to consider your opinion.”

There are four (4) required elements in the final literary essay which should be between 1500-1800 words:

a)An introduction with a thesis statement

b)The body of the paper with arguments and support evidence

c)A conclusion that summarizes the entire paper

d)Works Cited page in MLA format

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