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Well, this year I’ve promised myself I’d do better in school. But, now, I have all F’s. In my school there’s 4 courses, the ones I’m failing are Social Studies, Science, and English. Social Studies is the hardest for me to do. We’re learning Canadian History and I have no interest in it what so ever. I find it a complete waste of time. 
I have 14% in that class. Under 50% is an F. I have tons of missing assignments because I don’t take interest in that class. I actually failed grade 9 social studies but they put me in grade 10 any way’s. If I fail I go back to grade 9 when I’m suppose to be in grade 11. 
I asked my dad for a tutor or to go to a learning centre like Sylvan Learning Centre but he refuses and says I don’t need that. But, I can’t do this by myself. My parents offer to help me but my dad yells at me when I don’t understand something and my mother isn’t good at Social Studies. My teacher complains when I ask her something, she isn’t a good teacher at all and if she tells me what to do, she says, “Go read this page and it’ll tell you.” So then I read it, and still don’t understand what I’m doing. My friends don’t help me because they’re to busy with there own work. 

What do you think I could do to improve my grades, mostly in Social Studies? In Social Studies, studying is difficult, due to the fact I don’t remember a single bit of what I study. I take notes and don’t remember what I wrote even when I re-read them constantly, I have problems remembering things. And when I try to hard to do something, I’ll get a headache. And I have trouble focusing in this class (I have Crohns Disease and part of the symptoms are lack of concentration). Please help. :c

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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper