Introduction to law and legal institutions CRIM 170-003 L.L.B This is the the case summary…

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Introduction to law and legal institutions  CRIM 170-003 L.L.B

This is the the case summary assignment please use only canadian court cases and apa in case citation and apa refrencing and no plagiarism.this is for 5 pages 1250 words for 30% really important to me yeah.

please confirm to instructions exactly for the case summary assignment
case summary assignment worth 30% make sure u research from canadian cases and follow the instructions
just follow the instructions

Comments: the canadian legal information institute

Acordingly type bc court of appeal and alberta court of appeal and research the cases comparative studies means comparative decisions of the supreme court of canada one case should be from supreme court of canada recent decision other from appeal and provincial courts right them only for canadian courts i had attached the instructions and paid in full this assignment is really important to me kindly get it done links are also in the attachment case summary only canadian cases one recent supreme court case and other normal appeal cases 5 in total 1250 is enough you can summarise the case findings and decision use in case apa citation and refrence page also apa citation only canaidan cases 1 out of them supreme court recent case.links are there and i had even attached the link for case summary assignment instruction its for 30% marks.

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