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Quality world

THE FIRST STEP IN THE WRITING PROCESS IS TO PLAN…BRAINSTORM…1. Now take at least three or four minutes to brainstorm every word or phrase that come to mind when you think of the phrases “my quality world” and “successful life”. What do these means to you? Think in terms of categories: College, Career, Relationships, Values, Possessions, and Personal Qualities. Write them down. 2. Now think of a couple people from your life that you really admire…what characteristics did they have? Write them down. 3. Now think about this question: What job/career can you imagine (out in the world) that would be so great and fun to have that you’d even consider doing it for free, but you could actually get paid a lot to do? DREAM! 4. What type of people do you want to have friendships with? Who will you marry? 5. What are the most important things to you? Values…Possessions…Spirituality…Community Involvement…? 6. Look at everything you wrote. What do these words or phrases tell you about your “quality world” and “vision of success”? 7. Now think about your challenges ahead: What are the barriers to your quality world and road to personal success? What do you imagine will get in the way of your dream? And accomplishments? How will you overcome these barriers? 8. Finally, consider how the college experience can help you with your goals and dreams. (Read the handouts the instructor gave you on “college outcomes” and “experiences”). List at least three reasons why a college education can be part of you grand plan.……………………………….Answer Preview………………………………….

A quality life and successful life could possibly have several meanings depending on the perspective one views it. When you view in terms of college, a quality and a successful life could basically means a productive period in a rated collage where there are good friends and college stuff that ensures your stay in the school is productive and educative enough. In terms of career, it could mean having a career of your choice in which you are performing well and being rewarded as well as being promoted to high ranks with time. In terms of relationship, quality and………………………………….


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