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provide your answer under the question each title sections: provide references

Title: Failure is an Option

1) This DB asks you to self-reflect on a professional experience that you have encountered where the issues raised, by the examples in the text, were either overcome or resulted in some kind of failure. What was the scenario and what kinds of decisions were made and under what circumstances that resulted in either success or failure. Link what you observed or experienced with the issues raised in the text.

As usual, back up your analyses with citations as support. These can be informal citations, such as “O’Hara said that…”

Title: The Cure

2) How do you, if you do, see these kinds of issues manifest themselves in the firm/agency you work for OR, more broadly, in your chosen field. Are these issues ‘built-in’ to the structure of the organization (or discipline). What can be done, if anything… explain.

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