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Synthesis Paper guidelines

Your paper should represent your own, original work.

Topic: Select
a theme related to women’s roles or women’s bodies that appears in a
variety of poems, stories, and non-fiction (for instance, the
power/danger of women’s sexuality, the confinement of marriage, the
challenges facing the woman artist/intellectual). Note: since you are
completing another project on the essays of Wollstonecraft, Woolf, Rich,
and Walker, do not include their work in this paper. (Exception: you
may include Rich’s poetry.)

Examine how the theme you have selected is presented in six to eight works on our syllabus. At least two of the texts must have been written before 1950. Also, be sure to include at least two of the major forms (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, drama).

is similar and what is distinctive about each work’s presentation of
your theme? (Remember to maintain focus on examining your theme: No need
to summarize a work already familiar to your audience.) As pertinent,
refer to the works’ historical context and literary elements. In your
conclusion, explain which work(s) are most compelling to you and why.

Synthesis Paper should include short quotes from the primary texts for
support. You may, if you wish, reinforce your evaluation with secondary
criticism. Just be sure to appropriately acknowledge these critics (and
be sure they are credible). If you include historical research beyond
the general information included in our text, be sure to cite that as

The paper should be 1800–2000 words. Your works-cited page does not count towards the length requirement.

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