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This think-pair-share exercise focuses on negative media effects and how modifications in the college education of future mass media professionals might help change things.

  1. On your own, write down two or three ways in which mass media may contribute to or cause negative social effects.
  2. Ask friends or family their opinions by asking the following: Do you agree that mass media contribute to the effects that you have listed? Can people working in media do something to lessen the negative effects?
  3. Consider what interventions could be made in the education of media professionals to solve these problems. What factors work against your proposed solutions? In other words, what are competing influences in media industries that might stymie reforms? Do people working within mass media have a responsibility to try to lessen negative media effects?

The total paper should be 1 page single spaced not including your heading and work cited. You are expected to have 2 sources in APA format. (Please see bibme.org for formatting).


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