Healthcare Quality Management

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Answer ANY EIGHT of the questions below. All questions carry equal points: Note: Please cite your sources using APA style. All homework needs to be typed and submitted on the blackboard as a word document. Please include the questions that you are answering within your responses

1) Define the following: Quality, Accuracy, Reliability and Value. Briefly identify the stakeholders that are interested in quality health care and their preferences (hint: think about the Ps).

2) What does IOM stand for? What three key issues did they identify in their book “Crossing the Quality Chasm” in 2001? What is their definition of health care quality?

3) How does the reliability of healthcare services affect the quality of care you receive? What type of healthcare service do you find to be the least reliable in delivering a quality product. What type do you find most reliable?

4) Name the three Quality Pioneers (Gurus) and briefly discuss the contribution of any one pioneer to the field of quality.

5) Who is Avedis Donabedian? What was his contribution to health care quality? (hint: SPO)

6) Identify and briefly describe the three primary quality management activities

7) Discuss the different types of standards. How do standards help improve quality in health care. Provide an example of each.

8) Describe how you use the cycle of measurement, assessment, and improvement (see exhibit 2.1) to evaluate and make changes in your personal life?

9) What is accreditation? Identify one health care accrediting organization, the type of HCOs it accredit

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