Health Care Management

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As you are walking in the parking lot on your way to your office you are approached by a women handing out pamphlets soliciting support for unionization of the nurses and service workers at your hospital. As a junior level HR professional, new to the job, you take one of the pamphlets and head directly to your supervisor to inform her of the activity.

She is a bit panicked and says to you “find out what is going to happen next… Tell me what rights the union has and how they are likely to proceed”… “also tell me what we must do to prevent this from happening now and in the future” “I need this immediately”

  • Discuss how will you proceed?
  • What is your supervisor afraid of?
  • What are you going to tell her is going to happen?
  • How could this have been prevented?
  • What can the organization do to prevent this in the future?

What research would you conduct?

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