Have any of the family members experienced more than one trauma incident?, case study help

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Prompt: Submit a 2–3-page outline of your Case Analysis – Needs section, addressing all critical elements as listed in Section I below and using the Case Analysis Outline template provided. The outline should be based on the case study and care plan and must address the impact of physical and psychological trauma on the family, the needs of the family related to the trauma, and the risk and resiliency factors of the family. Consider how different forms of trauma can affect people, as well as the developmental and sociocultural consequences of trauma.

As you complete this milestone, consider the following questions:

 Have any of the family members experienced more than one trauma incident?

 How might the different family members’ traumas overlap each other or impact each other?

 Also consider how well the mother, who is also impacted by trauma, will be able to be supportive to her two sons. What might her sons need from her to heal or start to heal from their trauma?

 How likely is it that the trauma for each family member is temporary or long-lasting?

 What coping skills does each family member have? People have different needs, even if their trauma or their reaction to the trauma may look similar.

 What methods or assessment tools are appropriate for determining what each family member needs as a result of his or her trauma?

Consider not only the hierarchy of needs, but also the developmental stages of each family member, and the symptoms they are exhibiting. Some individuals seem to recover much more quickly from trauma, while others do not. How will you determine how resilient each family member is? How will you determine the risks for each family member? Some factors to consider are the age of each member, their support system, and the resources available to them. Psychological resilience is another component to risk. What does the literature say about psychological factors and risk and resiliency? Your instructor will provide you with feedback on this draft so that you can incorporate it into your final paper.


Case Study and Care Plan A Pacific Islander family of three consisting of 34-year-old Anamalia, her 13-year-old son Eloni, and her 4-year-old son Kolomalu has been referred to a service center by the state’s Department of Child and Family Services for the following reasons. Eloni has just been placed in foster care for physically abusing his younger brother, Kolomalu. Child Protective Services (CPS) was brought in, Eloni was removed from the home, and the family was referred to counseling. In addition to acting out aggressively, there is good evidence that Eloni is a substance abuser as a teacher at his school found him sniffing paint several times. Also, through counseling, it was discovered that Eloni had been abused by a previous stepfather. Finally, Eloni has been suspended from school for attempting to stab a schoolmate. Anamalia’s apartment management company has sent her a letter of intent to evict, stating that several residents have complained about feeling fearful around Eloni and about the noise during family arguments. Although Anamalia has hopes of getting a job soon, she is currently unemployed and is having difficulty making the rent payments and buying sufficient food for her family. Anamalia wants the family to be reunited and is willing to take parenting classes and enter into other services required by the state; however, she is worried about putting Kolomalu in more danger.

Guidelines for Submission: The outline of your Case Analysis – Needs section must be submitted using the Case Analysis Outline template. As indicated in the template, you should respond to each question directly in the Case Analysis Outline template with a response of at least two sentences. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins, and any sources cited in APA format.


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