Government Censorship during the Arab Spring and need it by November 2nd any help?

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Need a 4000 word paper using the following outline by Friday, Nov. 2nd and was hoping I could find some help as I am crushed at work right now. The following is the outline:

Government’s Censorship of the Internet During the Arab

I.The Issue

level of Internet censorship in the Arab Spring was escalated. Lack of Internet
freedom was a tactic employed by authorities to quell protests. Rulers and
governments across the Arab world utilized the law, technology, and violence to
control what was being posted on and disseminated through the Internet. The
peoples of Egypt, Libya, and Syria witnessed full Internet shutdowns as their
respective governments attempted to quell protests. (1) The paper will discuss
how the Internet was used to even though these controls were placed on them to
assist in accomplishing their goals and objectives of helping to bring a more
democratic society to their countries.

of Internet Censorship

does censorship mean and what was the intention of the Middle Eastern countries
that were attempting to censor their populations use of the internet.


of the Arab Spring

of the Censorship


i.What were the specific reasoning
that the governments resorted to censorship during this time of civil unrest.


i.The specific countries that
participated in censorship and to what extent.



i.What were the positive impacts that
censorship played in the Arab Spring revolutions.


i.What were the negative impacts that
censorship had during the protests on the governments and their efforts.


did the role of censorship play in the Arab Spring?Did it benefit the government in helping them
succeed in controlling the uprisings or did it benefit the people in organizing
and pushing for a new way of life?

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