Globalization What Is It, How Did It Happen

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In 1922, nearly 50 years after Levi Strauss invented denim jeans, Levi’s were still sewn and sold in San Francisco. They were made from cloth manufactured in Greensboro, North Carolina that came from cotton grown in the southern United States. Today, Levi’s uses factories all over the world to produce its jeans. How have the company’s manufacturing processes changed, and why did these changes happen? In this Project, you will explore globalization and what it has to do with your jeans (and t-shirts, coffee, laptops, cars and a lot more).


You work for the online edition of a local business magazine. Your editor has asked you to write four articles to be published on the website in honor of “International Corporate Responsibility Month.” Write an article about each of the following topics, being sure to address each of the points listed.

Article #2 “Marketing to a Global Audience”

  • Include information about cross-cultural and legal issues involved in global marketing.
  • How has globalization changed marketing? Compare current practices to those before globalization took hold. What is the same and what is different?
Article #3 “Corporate Responsibility—Why Does It Matter?”
Include information on positive and negative practices of global corporations.
Article #4 “Five Global Business Trends to Watch ”

  • Include information on five distinct and significant trends in global business. Please include photos/charts/links in your each of your articles

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