Global selection

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This is a two part discussion question. Question one and two need to be answered and a paragraph long, along with a response to Gina Dicrescenza and Sarah Riseden responses. Your response to the two individuals need to be a paragraph also.

1. If you were the manager of a global operation, how would you ensure that an employee’s culture did not negatively impact the selection assessment?

Gina DiCrescenza

If I were the manager of a global operation, I would ensure that an employee’s culture did not negatively impact the selection assessment by developing maximum value from an increasing range and depth of cultural difference. These differences influence the skills and competencies needed by leaders, managers, employees and the direction of HR policies and systems with the development of leaders and employees.

I would put much focus on a foundation of fair employment practices and an open work environment which employees can bring themselves in the decision-making that seeks out and incorporates the ideas of diverse talent.

2. Share a current event article with the class that relates to the concepts covered in this week’s reading. Write a brief summary, and explain why you felt the article was relevant. Supply the link for the article at the end of response.

Sarah Riseden


I liked this article because it explains how difficult it is to match the right person to the right position based solely on their culture, and the interviewer’s perception of that person as they may have a bias. Most hiring managers are hiring based on what is listed on a person’s resumes, but one of the hiring managers in this article looked for someone who could play the piano, knowing that because they could play the piano, they could efficiently alter between left and right brain. This looked beyond the mormal hiring processes and captured a completely different aspect of the interview process.

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