GE’S POOR PLANNING RESULTS IN DELAYS & INCREASED COSTS, essay paper, business and finance homework help

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Answer  these  questions



1- Which of the fundamentals of
planning did GE exe- cute ineffectively? Explain your rationale.

2. Which of the three types of goals
were ineffectively managed by GE? Explain.

3. State two SMART goals for GE
based on the case. Given the political issues discussed in the case, how might
GE ensure that these goals are attainable? Discuss.

4. Using Figure 5.5, describe what
GE could have done to improve the process of transporting the evaporator.
Provide specific recommendations.

5. What did you learn about planning
based on this case? Explain.

550 words with conclusion
and use level header for each question.

3 sources and use APA
format for the citation

Do not use it or if.

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