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The essay portion of your final exam will consist of 5 questions. It is an open-book test. Answer the questions comprehensively and in paragraph format. The answers should not be a bullet list or short answer. The format is short essay, not short answer. I expect at least one paragraph per question. The answers should be in complete sentences and not a “bullet” list.

(10 points for each question) You must submit your answers in Canvas in the appropriate place. I will NOT accept email submissions.

  1. What are some of the characteristics of the San Andreas Fault and its major earthquakes?
  2. What are examples of erosional and depositional landforms created by alpine and continental glaciers?
  3. Discuss the contributing factors to sea-level rise, in other words why are sea levels rising? Describe how it would impact the U.S. coastal regions?
  4. Describe the evidence establishing that climate change is currently occurring?
  5. In chapter 9 we studied climate regions: rain forest, monsoon, savanna, humid subtropical, marine west coast, Mediterranean, humid continental, subarctic, tundra, ice caps and ice sheets, polar marine, tropical, subtropical hot desert climates, midlatitude cold desert climates. What are some potential outcomes of a shift in these climate regions due to global climate change?

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