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Draw a genogram. You may use your family or a patient’s family (from clinical). You may draw a genogram and scan the document into the discussion or create a genogram in Word and attach the file. No APA citations are required for the genogram. *Attached is a sample.

-Describe your genogram. For example, this is a nuclear or extended family, the role of the members, mental diseases…

-How can you use a genogram to develop a care plan for a patient with a psychiatric condition. *(can be schizophrenia that is hereditary, depression, anxiety, bipolar, or any other).

 Your post will be checked in Turnitin for plagiarism. Responses should be a minimum of 250 words, scholarly written, APA formatted, and referenced.  A minimum of 2 references are required (other than your text).   

The Genogram – A Tool for Family Assessment : A genogram is a simple-to-use assessment tool that displays the family over three generations in a straightforward schematic diagram. Nuclear and extended, and nonfamily members are included in this 3-generation view (2 generations of the nuclear family and 1 of the family of each parent). Genograms need to contain the following categories:

· Ages

· Dates of marriage, divorce, and death

· Significant illnesses and mental disorders or chemical dependencies

· Immigration/ethnicity

· Geographic moves

· Occupations

· Race

· Religion

· Males are represented by squares

· Females are represented by circles

· Include psychiatric problems of the members as the intention is to use the genogram to make a care plan for a patient with a psychiatric condition.

Through the years, with the transformation of nuclear families, genograms have become more complicated. Interviews are conducted by family nurses to retrieve this data. Family nurses should begin the interview process with comfortable questions prior to advancing to more sensitive issues. See example of Genogram below:

Diagram, schematic  Description automatically generated

Genogram for Psychotherapy retrieved from

Learn more about genograms here:

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