general industry and market domain of the business opportunity for starbucks, management homework help

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In your main discussion post, introduce your potential
business opportunity or chosen company (already established or new) The company
 that I have chosen is STARBUCKS. Describe the
general industry and market domain of the business opportunity or company. In
doing this, here are some directions to guide your answer:

Describe the purpose of your company, its reason for
existence in the marketplace, and other general information about the
organization, operations, marketing, finance, and technology.

Discuss some of the key factors of the market domain that
you discovered in your research that affect your company.

Discuss briefly how these factors affect the marketplace and
impact your company (these key factors should represent a variety of factors and
not just one source, such as technology or changes in supply of natural

Provide feedback to the posts of at least two others
students on the descriptions of their business opportunities or chosen
companies. Use APA style citations and references as applicable to display
research and scholarship.

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