Geert Hofstede and National Culture DB

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Geert Hofstede is over 80 years old but is still a widely active researcher, consultant, and speaker. His work on cultural dimensions such as individualism and power distance is still widely taught and used in evaluating international business decisions.

For this discussion, go to Youtube or Google video search and find two videos:

  1. One with Geert Hofstede himself speaking or being interviewed
  2. Another video with Hofstede’s dimensions of individualism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, and masculinity explained. This doesn’t have to be one with Hofstede himself appearing, just a video that you think explains his concepts well.

Share the links with your classmates and discuss how useful you found the videos. Did they help you understand the materials for this module? What kind of impression did you have of Hofstede and his ideas?

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