From Business Culture to Great Depression: The Twenties, 1920-1932, history homework help

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Read Document 131: The Fight for Civil Liberties (pgs.,135-140 in the Voices of Freedom Reader), review the ways in which the U.S. government curtailed civil liberties during World War I (so, review Chapter 19 of Give Me Liberty), and review Ch. 20 of Give Me Liberty (pay close attention to pages 774-786). Answer the following questions in  your original post:

1. In what ways can the ACLU’s statement be seen as a reaction
against violations of civil liberties before and during WWI? (from page
140 of Voices of Freedom).

2. Do you think the ACLU would have supported or opposed U.S.
immigration policy as it was written in the 1920s? Explain your answer.

3. Do you think the debates over free speech and the First Amendment
expanded or contracted the freedom of U.S. citizens by the end of the
1920s? Why?

For your reply, find a classmate that agreed with your original answer to question three and challenge their argument. 

Make sure to include supporting citations as directed on the syllabus in both your original post and in your reply.

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