For this topic you will be posting links to, and reviewing, news clips and articles about Managing Human Resources and Diversity. This can include everything from hiring, retaining, and finding workers to dealing with diversity, sexual harassment, workpl

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I will be needing your help with writing a comprehensive essay of one paragraph about a news article of your choosing and also I have attached some examples as well as the question itself the name of the file is docs from 1 to 14. This attachment for the first page you will see the question itself and the other 13 pictures are examples so you kind of get a better idea of what you are going to write as well I have attached the discussion board file this file will show you the details that you need to follow to do part one and only part one for this assignment it will show you what news articles you can choose from as well as how the steps you can do them. For the examples you can see them and get a better idea but you cannot copy the same article as them from all of the 13 pictures.

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