Final Statesmanship Paper

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Final Statesmanship Paper Instructions

A significant portion of your grade for this course is earned by writing a 7–10-page paper on statesmanship.

This paper takes the statesmanship definition and framework you created in your literature review and applies it to the decisions, actions, context, character, and overall leadership of a particular political leader of your choice. Per the final paper topic choice, not only must you chose just one political leader, you must also just chose one particular situation in that political leader’s career. Rather than trying to prove whether that political leader was a statesman at all times and at all places (something almost impossible to prove) you will instead just look at one incident/challenge while that political leader was in office. You will answer the question of whether or not the leader was a statesman or a pseudo-statesman.

Part 1: Statesmanship Model

  • This section must be ½–1 page.
  • Part 1 must include a brief and focused restatement of the framework you articulated in your literature review assignment.
  • This section must incorporate recommendations and comments from your professor as well as citations from your literature review.

Part 2: Research Question

  • This section must be 6–9.5 pages.
  • In this section 12–15 new sources are required, in addition to any relevant sources from the course or literature review.
  • This section must include new research and analysis.
  • It must demonstrate a clear connection to the ideas discussed in the literature review paper.
  • It must provide evidence of specific actions, decisions, and motivations of the chosen political leader in just one particular political situation/challenge as a means of determining whether or not that leader was in fact a statesman.

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