Final paper for career class

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5 page paper for a career choice. Choices considered are marketing & sales. I am currently in a marketing assistant position. MLA format for paper please. This is a final paper in a career class. Professor has been absent for a good portion of the class but I do need a good paper to pass. I have attached the requirements. But I’ll copy and paste here as well.

Briefly summarize your current self-awareness as it relates to the following: interests, abilities, and values.

What careers did you consider pursuing as you went through this course? What career have you decided to pursue now? Explain the process you used to come to this decision? How comfortable are you with this decision? Explain. How does this career choice reflect on the the elements of understanding yourself and the materials covered in the readings and videos.

Draw timelines for your career. Where do you see yourself in five years? ten years? How do you plan on getting there? What are some of the potential barriers that you believe you will face as you pursue this plan? What steps might you take to overcome these barriers?

Look at the career that you are currently considering. What skills do you need to develop this career? How will you develop these skills? What skills do you already have that will be suitable for this career? Explain.

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