Film DISCUSSION 300 words Twelve Years a Slave.

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Discuss one of the following four questions.

  1. If you were an actor had to prepare for the role of Solomon Northrop, what would you do? (Method Acting). What if you were really in this situation? What if it were real? You do not act, you behave and live a certain way.
  2. What is Solomon’s past? How much do you need to know in order to prepare for the part
  3. What does the character, Solomon, want (the through-line) in the entire film?
  4. After viewing the entire film, what dialogue arises for us? What is the implicit message?

    Do not merely repeat what another student has already said.

    Each Discussion is graded on the following Points
    Discussion is focused on the subject. 3
    Response attempts to stimulate further thought & discussion. 1
    Film vocabulary and concepts introduced in this class is used. 1
    Discussion post is a minimum of 100 words. 1
    Response contains complete sentences. 1
    Discussion posted contains no spelling errors. 1
    Discussion post does not exceed 300 words. 1
    Student has posted to the discussion. 1

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