feminism in the 21 century

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Based on all that you’ve read, researched, viewed and experienced in your own life, create an informational presentation designed to educate and provide relevant, factual information around the issues of feminism and the gender/minority pay/wage gap. Your presentation should be a minimum of 15 slides of content. Be sure to follow the tips on creating critical thinking projects when putting together this piece. Content slides do NOT include title and reference/bibliography slides. Remember all statistics and study results will need an in text citation, as well as be noted on your bibliography.

Your presentation should include at least two relevant graphs, charts, embedded video, and/or articles dated within the past couple of years (2017-2019) as resources to explain and describe your points. Be sure to include:

  • a brief description of the history of the feminist movement, and how we come to find ourselves at the point we are today regarding women’s rights and marketplace pay practices
  • a brief slide or two to compare and contrast the roots, current state of the feminist movement, and how they relate to today’s efforts to create diversity oriented workplaces
  • describe and explain the “pay/wage gap” concept as it applies to women & minorities, while determining if these are these “real” issues facing women & minorities today or is this just a current “fad?” As noted above, are feminists the new “enemy” to men and those who do not consider themselves feminists? Is the data correct that men continue to be paid more than women & minorities for the same work? (be sure to cite credible sources here!)
  • dissect and analyze the current opinions and statistics around feminism and “The Pay/Wage Gap” to determine if this line of thinking is helping or hurting current social, diversity, and cultural movements; If so, how have we as a society failed to bridge or close these gaps? Is this even possible?
  • conclude with a statement and illustration(s) (preferably drawn from real world instances and experiences) validating or invalidating what you’ve discovered. If these gaps and ideologies truly exist, then do you believe this will have a profound effect on the businesses you come in contact with, seek to assess, and attempt to create action plans for diversity improvement with? If so, what are your solutions to these disparities and potential conflicts of interest in the diversity oriented workplace?

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