Female Status in Athens & Sparta; Greek Ideals & Expressions of Beauty

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Please respond to the following, using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your response:

TWO ITEMS SELECTED–using some of the EXPLORE subjects below.

FIRST ITEM—Identify some specific aspect of one of these subjects that you find especially interesting: Female status in Athens and Sparta and Greece generally.Explain your selection.

SECOND ITEM:Identify some specific aspect of one of these subjects that you find especially interesting:D) Greek ideals and expressions of beauty in the visual arts and architecture; Explain your selection.

ONE ISSUE DISCUSSED–Greek philosophy in the Axial Age:After reviewing the EXPLORE items under “Ancient Greek Philosophy”, discuss briefly one Greek thinker or Greek school of philosophy that you found interesting and identify a specific teaching or principle of that person or school.Explain your selection. Finally, describe how the period of Greek philosophy fits into the theory of a global “Axial Age” from about 800 BC to 200 BC.Modern comparison–In a couple of sentences, compare or contrast this Axial Age with our modern age of information.


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Ancient Greek Democracy and Aesthetics:

Athenian Greek Philosophy and the Axial Age:


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