feedback why the cold war ended

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The systematic level of analysis makes us look at the big picture of things when it comes to determining what the causes are for certain events. If we apply this level to the Cold War, we can see that the Soviet Union and the United States were both major powers that had their own reasons as to why the tension deceased between them. For instance, the Soviet Union spent tons of money on its military to compete with the United States. This caused the Soviet Union to concentrate on their military and not on their domestic economy. In turn, the United States provided military support for Japan and Germany which made the Soviet Union feel more at danger when it came to potential warfare. Basically this means that the Soviet Union had the chance to become a superpower along with the United States but they were to focused on raising their military presence and not their own economy, as the United States did.

I think that the Soviet Union came to a point where they could no longer support their military financially. With the United States withholding their stance as a superpower, the Soviet Union began to decline as a result. This caused the tension to decline between the United States and the Soviet Union as the world began to see that the Soviet Union were not so much a threat anymore. The Cold War collapsed just as the Soviet Union’s economy collapsed. However this is only one way of thinking as to why the Cold War was drawn to a close. Each systematic level of analysis can be applied but the systematic level is the one I feel that most impacted the world and caused the tensions between the two great superpowers to end.

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